Big Brother Drug Interdiction Operation Accused Sentenced

Illegal drug tradeJoseph W Christmon (42) was sentenced on charges of Big Brother drug interdiction operation by the Dubois County Superior Court. He pleaded guilty of dealing with Cocaine. As per the plea agreement, he will remain at the Indiana Department of Corrections for 16 years and the Sheriff’s Department Community Strike Fund will collect $240 from Christmon. During this time, three cases have remained unsolved while 13 Operation Big Brother cases were solved. This includes 129 years of the sentencing of approximately jail time of 105 years. Christmon was sentenced on July 27, 2015.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s office in the Dubois County claimed it will start its third operation and will get active in pursuing the drug dealers in the County. Earlier on June 4, law enforcement officers started serving warrants on drug dealing offenses stemming from Operation Double Trouble. On 24 June around 7 arrest warrants was served on Round 2 operations. The Big Brother Operation was spanned over 11 months, and it was connected with cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other controlled and similar substances. The arrests were made jointly by the Dubois County Sheriff Department, Huntingburg Police Department, Jasper Police Department, Indiana Conservation Officers, Ferdinand Police Department and Indiana State Parole Office.

During the operation one person who held a warrant died but it was not during the raid, it was informed by Sermersheim and Crouse. In total 16 persons were arrested in connection with drug and other charges. The arrested were in the age group between 22 and 67, most of whom are from Huntingburg.