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The thought of dealing with a personal injury claim can be very overwhelming, particularly if you are suffering from serious injuries. By working with an experienced and qualified attorney, you can be certain that your best interests will be protected and legal burdens will be lifted from your shoulders.personal injury law

At our Law Firm, we have been helping injured accident victims for decades. Our firm represents clients throughout Texas. We have more than 40 years of experience and have obtained significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims and their families in a wide range of injury claims.

We know how to navigate complex claims and prepare winning trial cases even against seemingly insurmountable odds. Personal injury cases become complex and technical quickly. Securing the full compensation you deserve for past, present and future damages and losses requires the sophisticated representation of experienced attorneys.

Our attorneys are reachable and responsive 24/7. Please call us to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation at your convenience.

Achieve Justice — Recover Peace Of Mind
Our skilled attorneys will fully understand the medical and legal aspects of your claim. We know what steps to take in pursuing benefits and financial compensation. And we will take the time necessary to understand your unique short- and long-term needs.

The trial attorneys at our firm have successfully handled a wide range of serious injury claims, including:

Amputation claims: from any type of accident, involving limbs, digits, and other extremities
Brain injury claims: from car accidents, construction accidents, slip-and-falls, and more
Burn injury claims: from motorcycle accidents, fire and explosion accidents, and more
Spine injury claims: from motor vehicle accidents, constructions accidents, and slip-and-falls
Lead paint poisoning claims: injuries in children resulting in seizures, coma, and even death
Crush injury claims: from falls, collapses, or motor vehicle accidents
Wrongful death claims: from motor vehicle accidents, constructions accidents, slip-and-falls, and medical errors
Personal injury claims are not just about getting benefits but also achieving justice. Victims of injuries deserve to be rightfully compensated for their injuries and to know that negligent parties are held accountable.accident attorneys

Catastrophic injuries often present a lifetime of medical needs. You and your family should not have to undertake the burden and responsibilities of another party’s negligent actions. Our lawyers will seek justice and stand by your side.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys
Our attorneys are available to can meet you at your convenience. Please call our office to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our attorneys.

Your case will be handled on contingency with personalized care and attentiveness. There are no upfront fees involved with our representation. We only collect a fee if we secure a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf, and we strive to maximize your compensation.

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