Huntingburg Farmers’ Market introduces Youth Market Days

huntingburg farmers market

The Huntingburg Farmers’ Market will be open every Sunday starting June 27 through September 26. The timing will be from 7.30 to 11.30 am. The market will be held at the Memorial Gym parking lot, at the Main Streets. The committee is seeking vendor for the current season. The vendors are called upon to sell their produce including plants, bakery items, and plants. The booth price is put at $100 per booth for the season and $150 if you book two booths this season. A market is an ideal place for selling homemade cheese, soaps, herbal oils and dog treats. Artisans can make the most of the market.

So, what is new to the market the current year. The new attraction to the market this year is the Youth Market Days, it is one to watch out. This is to encourage children to participate in the event and learn the tricks of the trade. Here children between the age of 5 and 18 can sell their products like lemonade, flowers, baked items and homemade produces. This will happen on the third Saturday every month. The dates will be July 18, August 15 and September 19. The rates for the Youth Market Days will be fixed at $5 per day or per Saturday. The event is sponsored by Family Roots Nursery. Contact Elizabeth Bartelt to register for a booth at the Huntingburg Farmers’ Market.

Contact the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce Executive Director on 683-5699 or email to [email protected] Come and make the most of it.

Workforce Reduced At United Minerals

Workforce Reduced At United Minerals

Come January and the United Minerals is all set to cut down on their workforce. The Huntingburg mining company has informed their employees of the reduction. The letter to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the Huntingburg company, wrote that they are forced to go for drastic reduction of the workforce due to the lack of demand in coal sales and the projection that the coal sales is likely to go down. According to the Indiana Coal Council reporting of 2010, the company produced 1.7 million tons, and there is a decline since 2011, where it produced just 1 million tons. It saw a hike in 2012 with 1.5 million tons and later a low in 2014 at 908,058 tons.

Meanwhile, other Indiana mining companies have reported an increase in production sitting at 4 million tons in 2010 to 35 million tons in 2014, with a total of 39 million tons in production. The letter to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development is in connection with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). According to WARN, the company has to send a notice to the department when it considers a mass layoff or shutdown. The company runs its offices in both Lynnville and Huntingburg. The mines are operational in Oakland City, Boonville, Elberfeld, and Lynnville.

Big Brother Drug Interdiction Operation Accused Sentenced

Illegal drug tradeJoseph W Christmon (42) was sentenced on charges of Big Brother drug interdiction operation by the Dubois County Superior Court. He pleaded guilty of dealing with Cocaine. As per the plea agreement, he will remain at the Indiana Department of Corrections for 16 years and the Sheriff’s Department Community Strike Fund will collect $240 from Christmon. During this time, three cases have remained unsolved while 13 Operation Big Brother cases were solved. This includes 129 years of the sentencing of approximately jail time of 105 years. Christmon was sentenced on July 27, 2015.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s office in the Dubois County claimed it will start its third operation and will get active in pursuing the drug dealers in the County. Earlier on June 4, law enforcement officers started serving warrants on drug dealing offenses stemming from Operation Double Trouble. On 24 June around 7 arrest warrants was served on Round 2 operations. The Big Brother Operation was spanned over 11 months, and it was connected with cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other controlled and similar substances. The arrests were made jointly by the Dubois County Sheriff Department, Huntingburg Police Department, Jasper Police Department, Indiana Conservation Officers, Ferdinand Police Department and Indiana State Parole Office.

During the operation one person who held a warrant died but it was not during the raid, it was informed by Sermersheim and Crouse. In total 16 persons were arrested in connection with drug and other charges. The arrested were in the age group between 22 and 67, most of whom are from Huntingburg.